Me dancingWho is Queenheroical?  My other name is Krina:  I am married, I am a mother of four, I have been home educating my kids for 10 years,  I like to read, write, and make things.  All of which sounds like about 25 bajillion other bloggers, give or take a few jillion.  I love poetry and words and colour and paint and thread.  I’m messy and unstructured. I love to watch clouds and sunlight and birds and even bugs.  I wish I could go to any art gallery I wanted whenever I wanted for as long as I needed.  I love to watch people – to see them happy, at play, even sad. But angry people upset me.  I would like to move through a day slowly, with a purpose, and without pressure.  I believe in the Bible, I follow Jesus and I love people – all these flawed, imperfect, and fellow people.