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Amazing how quickly the month has come to a close, perhaps not soon enough for some of you but it has evaporated quickly before my eyes and I am left looking now at only the rapidly disappearing remnants of the day.  At its closing, I am mindful of primarily two things.

One – I am grateful for those in my daily sphere who don’t once blink an eye at my declarations of “I am going to start a Poetry Revolution” and never point a finger when I fail – to fully realize my goal.  But rather, they join in to help me decorate for Poetry Tea Parties and make Rice Krispie squares for me and come over despite misgivings about poetry and my sanity.  They join me in my “chasing after rainbows” and never look back. Thank you my beautiful family – thank you my wonderful friends.



Two – I am grateful that I have a passion. It may not make sense sometimes to other people, or even to myself.  You would think that I eat, sleep, and drink poetry – I really don’t … in fact I can go month and months without thinking about it.  I am not an expert, I am not overly talented in” the making of the words going togetherness” of poetry. But it sparks a light inside which makes me smile and dance about and want to share it with the world.  Having such a strange attachment to something, solidifies something within.  It helps to define the person I am – reveals to even me something … given. For whatever purpose – it is mine to have and to share.

Thank you for following along and graciously allowing me to share with you my passion. The notion that other people were even somewhat interested in my strange adventure bolstered my journey … a journey which does not end at midnight tonight despite the completion of National Poetry Month.