fear and adventure


Alice wasn’t looking for an adventure – she chased a rabbit and she fell down a hole. She tumbled down a long tunnel without hope of crawling her way back up to the top. The lesson here – the best way to find yourself in Wonderland is to trip into an unalterable present.

I have been pushed into holes before but I have seldom chased one down and let it envelop me. Except the one I tumbled down next to him. We ran; we plunged into a life together and I, like Alice, haven’t been the same since. I am ever grateful.

But tunnels and rabbit holes still abound and I’m quite good at avoiding these unalterable situations. I am good at holding back, talking myself out of these possible forever transformations. I, thus, remain in an impossible inbetween place looking into dark tunnels, unable to commit myself to the adventure therein.


Fear is like the elixir Alice

Drank -it shrinks you down to

The size of a mouse;

Let’s you slip through, unnoticed,

When obstacles loom large,

And dangerous.

But mouse sized is only helpful

For a time –

Stay small too long,

You might find yourself

Scrambling after crumbs instead,

Of feasting at the table, as intended.


Pass me then the cakes

That I might grow tall – crashing through the ceiling

Bulk me up to such a size that I might

Knock about, go tumbling into the careful

Constructions all around

Jarring my way about the world

Without care or consideration.

But, then again, nobody ever invited

the Giant Girl over to play.


Bring me then the fan –

to ease the bumbling about –

bring me back to my right size.

Guide my steps toward tomorrow –

as myself unburdened,

Fitted out – as I am

to fall into what is ahead,

unalterable and ripe with adventure.

The #wholemama word for last week was fear and this week it is adventure thus the combination today 🙂 Find more adventure stories here:  Overflow