thankful thursday 8


I find having free time to think to be a blessing and a thorn. I love the freedom I have been enjoying, and all the opportunities to read and make and wonder. I need these times to refresh my stores of energy, creativity, empathy, and joy. But too much time to ruminate without direction leads me along dark thorny paths and I can get tangled up.

Ultimately, I need both the blessing and the thorn to remain focused on all that is real and worthy in this life. So I am thankful for time to explore and for the reminder that it is finite.

Remembering a simple truth

I didn’t know I was inclined to art while in school – I took guitar and drama while my wildly artistic friends took art.  I hung out with them in the art room – feeling at odds – I was envious of their projects and materials and obvious skills, wishing I could “play” alongside them, because it looked like the best kind of play I could imagine, but I had categorically labeled myself “unable.”  They had art skills, I didn’t. It was a simple definition based upon how well they could draw and … I couldn’t.  It is a time when I wish  there had been someone in my history who could have pointed out my early tendencies toward making and “playing” with colours and paper and twine and glue.

I still shy away from pencil and paper type things – but I love colour.  I love the way paint colours blend together, I love jars and piles of floss, I love the transparency of tissue paper.  But I forget these things when life gets busy – I forget how I enjoy “playing” with colour. But this week, a friend, unbeknownst, reminded me about colours – about watercolour paints and how much I enjoy holding a brush, dipping it in water, picking up colour, and spreading it across paper … small simple actions which bring forth great deepness from within. I am thankful for colour.

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Words of encouragement

Thanks Rumi 🙂

Birds and squirrels

Lively evidence of the season hopping about the trees in front of my windows. I am thankful to exist amongst the wild things, to be a witness to it, even while buses zip up the street, ignorant of the squirrel highway above their heads.

Friends and their families

Thank you friend, mother of friend, children of friend for the walk, the lunch, the Easter Egg hunt, the tea, and the visit.  I am lucky in my friends – and their families.


Oh how I have missed you!  I am thankful for my near family – and I am thankful for long conversation with far away family and for the anticipation of seeing them again soon too.

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