It has taken me time to adjust to the slowed down pace of life in the house – no extra guests, no classes to teach = time.  I limped around for about a week trying to figure out how a person walks without her “have to” list dominating her mind.  But I remembered …


Oh books, I have missed you.  I finished a book, I read another one, and I am fully immersed in another one.  It feels very indulgent and wonderful.  I am thankful for talented, diligent authors who create interesting, intriguing, and funny stories and share them with the world.

Buddha Bowl-esque fooding


Colourful veggies and fruit, tasty sauces, healthy grains, and proteins –all in a bowl, together, for me.  Yup – I am enjoying this honeymoon phase of eating “clean.”

Longer light hours (soon to be even more)


I am enjoying the pinks and purples outside my kitchen window while I prepare meals … I am thankful for the seasons, each in their turn.

Teeny tiny buds on the lilac bushes around my house

Anticipation!  I am thankful for things to look forward to.

A happy kid


Rewarded for his generous “helping” nature – also his giant smile and sincere “disbelief” over having “won.”  And his long limbs.  (The yellow jersey was his prize for being the most helpful kid in his soccer group.)