A list … in no particular order

“Teacher! Teacher!”

Good reports and strong numbers

Art dates with the husband and with friends – booked and waiting

Tea and chat with my mum

Growing assuredness in searching teens

WP_20160225_14_36_56_Pro (2)

Wonderful, colourful art boxes made by my kids


Family together time – cousins


WP_20160206_12_08_21_Pro (2)

Choosy cat closeness


Dinners and movies and good friends (who drive 🙂 )

Thoughtful, food fetching husband


WP_20160207_15_36_56_Pro (2)

Long, full hugs

Sleep after long days

Sunshine warming my back, shining in my eyes, and lighting up late winter days

New dishwasher after 3 ½ weeks without one

Embroidery floss … linen … a reason to stitch

It has been a full month and it has been difficult to put words to anything – so I list these few.