Library days

Specifically, the afternoon which follows a library visit, that magical time when 6 kids can be found sprawled upon couches and chairs or in beds with some intent face pointed directly into a book. Pure heaven. I am thankful for the palpable wonder of books.

Watching kids paint

I have been lucky enough to supervise groups of home schoolers during art classes at our local 4Cats studio. It is immensely pleasing and joyous to watch 20-24 kids with giant paint brushes filling canvases big and often taller than the artist. I feel blessed to witness every bit of creativity flowing through each of these unique creations. It helps that some of them were my people. I am thankful for hands and brushes and paint and the human desire, borderline reflex, to combine these things to birth newness within us.

Bookstore visits and Play dates (literal going to a play-date) with my husband

Time spent being together doing things we both enjoy is a pleasure and a balm to the inner core of all that keeps us going forward through busy days.  I am thankful for this love, these days, and this man with whom I built this life.  Thankful …perhaps a little understated.

Friends who scour tropical islands for the one and only potter on the island from which to buy a mug…just for me. I am thankful to be richly blessed with wonderful people in my life. Thanks friend.

Hanging out with this gang is a joy and I am thankful for cousin-friends and opportunities to squeeze nieces.