As I settle into my bed this night – I think of all the sounds of the day now echoing off in a distance, lost now in still quiet – nestled down in sleepy heads, dreaming souls.

This life – these days – so like a ride out on the ocean I can’t escape the images. Rocked to calm in our small cozy boat, filled with bodies, all held and kept and cared for – buoyed up.

I think of the waves, the water – the deep greatness all around – and our little boat out on a vast and unpredictable journey.

Up here on the surface, we can be tossed about and worked on by the winds and the waves – turning us this way and that – we fight them, we pull back, we lean away eager to “right” our boat, to steer the course unaware of the deep currents and still depths beneath us – keeping still the course, still directing the way.

I am humbled and restored thinking about the deepness all around, the way everything seems to settle the deeper you go, how the storms are absorbed, forgotten, turned to a gentle push and pull,  ebb and flow.

Up on top – is where I am to be, in person, in my days but in spirit I seek deep – I seek a surrounding kind of all over, hemmed in, held up deepness. A pervasive understanding that my days – big and busy, brash and beautiful as they can be – are His.

Today’s word for #wholemama is: Settle.  To read more from our little community of mamas or to join us follow us here – Overflow