I confess … I want to be in bed right now – it is 4:18 pm.  But I said I would make an effort so I am pulling out my best “Horton” attitude and being faithful despite threeish hours of sleep (right, thankfulness Krina … back on track)


It sounds smarmy but this week has had its challenges and I am thankful that we have family who is willing to pick up my husband from the side of the road after our van’s transmission finally gave up the ghost .  I am equally thankful for family who volunteered their Saturday to trying to fix said van (unfortunately, its demise was fixed) and then go tobogganing with my daughter for her birthday and later jump up willingly to lay about in wet, slurpy, sludgy snow to hitch a tow line to the now deceased van so it could be removed from the side of the road.

I am thankful for the sisters, the brothers, the kids, grandparents, family/friends and Oma who celebrate my kids during such a busy time of year.  Yup, I loves them all. Thanks family.

Fresh Hair Cut and Colour:


I have a lovely hairdresser – she tells me “no” and she makes decisions when I am unable to think.  But mostly it felt really nice to sit and not have anything else I could do but sit and have my hair painted and cut and then styled.  I am not a spa girl, I don’t like massages – I have personal space needs but getting my hair done is a treat and makes me feel lovely.  Thanks Mandy.

Watching my kids be helpful — to others:

My kids are often my helpers when I take on big projects – like teaching three homeschool co-op classes.  They cut things out, they prep work, they even stay in my classes and assist the littles when they need help.  But today, after the day was over, I watched them stay behind and help until they were sure there was nothing else they could do to help their art teacher clear her room.  I am thankful for their willingness to serve me and others.

Wireless Headphones


My desk space is in the middle of the living room – where my son likes to play video games.  Sure there are sounds from the games themselves but also my son is a talker. He extroverts his thinking into the room like it is a giant ear awaiting his every thought.  And when I say talk – I mean he tends to yell.  I love this kid, please understand.  I love him best when I can put on my wireless earphones and block out his talking and the sound of his games.  I am thankful for devices which buffer my ears from a barrage of outside, random distractions. Plus – I get to dance around in my kitchen when making dinner – life seldom gets better.

Simple Task lists


I am not a list maker – I don’t like schedules which tell me when and what I have to do next but I have begun creating a daily task list for myself – I already created such lists for the kids so I thought I might try one out myself.  This is only the first week – so for these four days it has been good.  I don’t get everything done that I listed for the days – not every square gets filled in but I have been more aware of my day and accomplished more because of the list and its boxes. Little changes right?  I am thankful there are ways for a “rebel” like me to use lists to simplify and yet magnify my life.