It is the first Thursday of the year and I thought I might jump on the bandwagon with my friend Sarah from Sarah on Purpose … nobody knows how long I will stay on as I tend to fall off rather easily … but here I go regardless.

New Journals

I have an unreasonable number of journals – they have different jobs, different niches, and different levels of importance.  Some have been retired, now full and ratty and awesome; some are still in progress, or stalled and in hiatus.

But there is always, always room for more – and this holiday season, I adopted two new journals. One from a friend, who thoughtfully gifted me a small sketching journal from the MET in New York – it smells of poetry and dreams and determination to carry it with me to New York so it can see its home again one day – a journal has needs after all.  The second one is a new “in-my-purse” journal to replace the almost full one which currently resides there and will soon be retired to the venerable hall of journals.

I am thankful for friends, who think of me when traveling to fun places like New York, and for blank pages which wait patiently for me to darken them.

New Writing Challenges/Opportunities

I might be crazy – but I have joined a group of people who are committing to write everyday based off daily prompts from The Daily Poet by Kelli Russell Agodon, and Martha Silano. A recommendation from another friend (I see you there Sarah 😉 )  I am thankful for the challenge which ultimately challenges me to make time for the things which are more meaningful in my life. If you are interested in joining:  She of the Wild Writes.

I am also offering my time and services (note, I did not say expertise) to a fledgling society in my community which is striving to create a “Flourishing Literary Arts Community.”  I feel very out of my depth but it is an incredible opportunity to get involved in something which is all about what I love and isn’t related to the lives of my children.

I am thankful, again, for friends who encourage me to explore writing, and for opportunities which stretch me and prepare me for the grand adventure which awaits me.

Appreciative Kids

Speaking of kids, I was greeted by the most gracious and excited face this morning when my son woke up and came out of his room to find new shin guards and soccer socks.  This was followed up by a gleeful daughter “ooo-ing” and “awww-ing” over pink lidded plastic contains I purchased to help organize her bathroom items.  It was almost like Christmas morning all over again.

I am thankful to have witnessed their genuine gratitude and glee.

Unbidden Apologies

I won’t go into details out of respect for this child’s dignity – but this week I received a very sincere and thoughtful apology from one of my kids – done without prompting, done without fanfare, done without my even registering the offense mightily — it was simple, it was honest, and it meant the world to me.

I am thankful for soft, contrite hearts.

Playing with clay

WP_20160106_21_05_47_Pro (2)

I might habour a not-so-secret desire to be a potter one day – in the far future when I have room for such things as kilns and wheels in my home.  I love working with clay – it is forgiving and tactile and you can make so many different things with it.  So when the opportunity arises to partake in a class where I can muck about with clay … I try to take it.  It is so worth it – even the risk it might “ker-splode” in the kiln.

I am thankful for places in my community where I can play with clay and hang out with friends while we make things.