The fog which formed in the night is lifting. The blue sky is hard to spy high above but there are patches of it to be seen through the veil, through the translucent white wall which is lifting its arms into the open blue and letting go of its own self.

Dream. It is a seductive word which elicits a range of feeling, the upwelling of grandness, a strange and wonderful oddness, desire, want, and ambition. We are encouraged to dream around every corner. We are asked to dream and desire and do. I am easily swayed – I am a sucker for the positivity. I have stacks of quotes tucked away in books, on pin boards, in files. I love the hope and bigness and lightness of dreams. I am a head in the clouds kind of a person.

I read the affirmations which are tossed around on Facebook and Pinterest and I am drawn into the can-do attitude, I see it as a reminder for myself to push, to get up and be motivated to go and do and be and conquer. I am easily swayed, easily lured, easily induced – I want to be and do and have and feel that kingdom of self – rewarded.

But like the fog, dreams can be a vapour which cloud our surroundings, confuses the senses, and blocks out the light. There can be a dreaminess about dreams. They can look so much like they are attached to the ground that it is easy to mistake them as purpose. But some dreams can be an untethered mirage of desire and want and personal ambition which are not founded on purpose or grace or gifts. They can be deceptive. Temptation isn’t always the obvious allurement …it can be a subtle tantalizing dream which is meant to distract and draw us away from growing what is already planted within us.

I do believe in dreams, I believe there is magic in following passionately the unique path set before a person whether it is knitting blankets for kids in hospitals, painting amazing birds on stones, serving in your community, or writing mostly bad poetry for one’s own pleasure. The list goes on, all the way down the whole trail of persons on the planet. Because we are all made to do things – do things with passion, do things which are meaningful and purposeful and which light up the dreams of those who are near enough to be touched by them.

However, I do not believe that one’s life and the persons in it should be sacrificed on the Alter of dream, as is subtly suggested by some of the quotes I have read. There must be love in the balance. There is a lovely story by J.R.R. Tolkien called “Leaf by Niggle,” and it tells of a story of Niggle, his near consuming desire to paint the tree of his dreams, and how the needs of his neighbour intercedes on his “dream” and how, in the end, his neighbour is exactly who is needed to help him realize the dream. (a very summary summary). It is believed that Niggle, is really Tolkien, himself. I love the fact that in order to realize his dream, Niggle needed his neighbour’s help.

It isn’t that I don’t believe in dreams but rather that I distrust dreams which confuse our senses and seem designed to devalue our gifts, purposefulness, and peopleness. It takes a strong personal vision, an almost illogical devotion to that which is given to us to do, no matter its shape, size, importance, or significance to fully embody a real dream but it is all for naught if there is not love. If at the end of my days, I can say “I lived out a dream and loved my people to my fullest,” failings, flaws, and all then I will feel I lived well, and in accordance with God’s desires for me.

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