Thankful …

Sunny days and cool breezes,

Grey, white clouds shape shifting across a bright blue sky

Translucent yellow leaves falling and fallen – bouncing giddy down the street.

…because I live in a beautiful corner of the world.

Relaxed family together time staring into a campfire

Children, big and small, laughing outside on a dark evening, frolicking in a single beam motorcycle spotlight, jumping in a pile of leaves expressly created for that purpose

Knowing that the squealy noise from downstairs is coming from my son who is computer racing with his dad

Watching my daughters hula hooping in the backyard, with fall leaves about their feet, listening to their favourite music while chatting together, close as thieves

…because I have been blessed to make and be family with lovely people.

Ambrosia apples and thoughts of pumpkin pie

Following music chains within Spotify and discovering new favourites

Cool hands wrapped round a warm mug of tea

Toes tucked under his legs to warm up.

…because I have a rich life with great love.

Today is our Thanksgiving – and it is a quiet, grey, at home, reflective kind of a day. I am very mindful that my life is a cornucopia of blessing and all kinds of good things. In my plenty, I am privileged and perhaps spoilt. I am reminded all are not so fortunate. It is an uncomfortable, lopsided kind of feeling and again I ask, Lord – show me the way through the eye of the needle.