For my Emma-Jane on her 15th Birthday,

You never fail to astonish me. At zero, at 5, at 10, now at 15.  

Your eyes hold the key to unlock this mother’s heart. From the instant we first saw each other – I knew I was forever changed, forever vulnerable, forever willing to lay down my life for yours.

You –

Keeper of vast territories of imagination

Giggler and shoulder shaker

Happy feet jumper

Hater of squishy noises

Maker of giant crocodile tears

Deep philosopher who doles out surprising insights like treasures

Delicate hand-holder

Reader of all the things

Technology loving, future coder extraordinaire

Near blind, beautiful eye-gazer

Not child, not babe, not toddler, not kid.

But young woman in whom I see such potential and warmth and grace and strength and courage and nobility of self.

I see you there. My goodness, I see and I am inspired and humbled and excited to walk with you- run with you through these last remaining together years. Eager to learn at your side, holding you up as needed, letting go as you learn to run free of me. I shall endeavor to keep pace, but I ask for your patience when I want to slow and hold you fast if only for a moment when it all feels like it is going much much too fast. Give me a moment to catch my breath, and I promise to keep running along with you until you fly.   Because you are going to fly, my girl, fly into a beautiful, unknown, potential filled world.

Today, I celebrate you – I say thank you Lord for my Emma-Jane, for this treasure of a child, I pray that you watch over her and dwell ever in her heart. Forgive me the times I failed to see her through your eyes, help me to love her as you would have me do, mend the things I have broken, and light a fire bright and enduring. For she is fearfully and wonderfully made – thank you father in heaven for my girl. Amen

Happy Birthday Emma-Jane – I love you. 

Ya, he loves you too 🙂