There was a lot of information missing from the life plan I was handed when I started out in “life.”

It contained three simple steps :

  1. Meet someone
  2. Get Married
  3. Have some kids

Give or take getting an education… that was the extent of it.

There was very little mention of … the after bit. So I fumbled on and managed my way through Points 1-3 and even got some of that education stuff.

But now, I am well into my … after bit. I am well aware of my not being the “new” mum, or even the mum with young children, or even slightly small children. The kids around here are tall to nearly taller than me. Who let that happen?  I realize I am more the mentor than the student. All signs, I have travelled far away from the shores of my beginnings.

The years have sailed by and I have steered this “mother” ship into the Isles of Tweendom and Teendom.

The Land of Empty Nest looms a little on the horizon. That place where I shall disembark and retire from my stint as full-time Mum. My title shall remain but I will not return to active service.

The mission, after all, is to get to that land; to get them to their own boats, watch them sail off into their own sunsets. Their mission is to push-off and seek it.

It will then be mine to be repurposed – to be remade. To venture out into the Land of After. It is accurate to say that I am anxious about the unknown wilds of After, but there is a familiar sort of thrill that comes with it too. Like finding myself, once more on a shore, looking out at the great wide Ocean of Possibilities.

Therefore, while I am still here, in the boat, I shall learn to whittle, learn to build, and learn what it is I do best other than command my ship. Then, when I walk again on dry land, I shall be a sharpened tool ready and willing to work, to move in a new direction, toward a new goal.

May I remain clay in His hands; soft and malleable enough to be put to use for His good purposes.

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