Dear September,

Tomorrow you will greet me despite any “feelings” I might have on the subject. I can’t stop you. But can I, at least, ask you to come gently to my door?

Please bring with you a little slice of peace to feed me while I embark on another full season of activities, and lessons, and meetings, and plans?

Can you serve me a cup of contentment to wash out the bitter taste of summer lament?

Perhaps, you could let the sun shine enough to warm my back so that I won’t forget its embrace when the winds blow?

Thank you for cooling the days enough so I may wrap my hands around my teacup when I sip my tea. Thank you for long pants, and sweaters, and the eager colours of fall peeking out amongst the green.

Help me to welcome you, openly and willingly, for I am weak and reluctant.

Yours obligingly,   Krina