1. It is August 20 – which means I have weeks left of summer and I do not want to whittle away this precious and limited time with thoughts of after summer

2. It is warm and pleasant and wonderful out here on my deck overlooking the neighbourhood and nearby hills – my eyes have not gazed about long enough yet…not nearly long enough.

3. My daughter turns 15 in September and I don’t have a present for her or the emotional capacity to deal with my mummy feelings about this multiple of 5 birthday.

4. My birthday is in September and 43 sounds worse than 42 – I like even numbered years better.

5. Change is coming … (insert shiver) … change …

6. Once September comes – October follows and October is a tough month for me.

7. September heralds the end of this summer of mum.

8. I haven’t gone kayaking with my friend yet – despite her many efforts to get me out in her boats

9. My grand plans for a better learning/working space have stalled.

10. It is August 20th … do I really need to have any other reason?

So September –with your siren call for new pencils and fresh paper, your promises of new beginnings, and fun birthday celebrations, your temptation of cool weather for pots of tea and bowls of soup –wait your turn!

I am still lazing about here in August, in summer’s company. Oh, I know you are “technically” still summer – but I know your cunning ways, I know you want to lull me back into the rhythms of fall.

Stay back …back I say. I will get there … all in good time.