4ac9ee276a20ca5969d3b7192b365874The wisdom of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(his name always makes me smirk …cause it sounds funny)

Ah yes – Into each life some rain must fall.

No matter how much I might love my children, might enjoy the lifestyle we have chosen to follow, might benefit from the time spent together – there are days.

Days I would rather be sitting behind a desk somewhere entering repetitive data into tiny boxes.

Days I would rather be standing by the side of the road in the summer heat wearing a bright yellow vest and jeans, stopping long lines of cars with angry impatient drivers.

I think my point is made …

This choice comes with vast opportunities to bear witness to ingratitude, selfishness, conceit, arrogance, and all kinds of other human nastiness – often my own. I am fond of the quote. “The choice to homeschool is the choice to face yourself daily.” I find this to be very true.

Today was one of those days – not for any horrific reason, other than I had to walk through it as me – facing off against personal and parental hot button issues.

Things just didn’t want to work out easily instead:

  • They wanted to not print because the printer wanted long paper when letter paper was needed and offered.
  • They wanted to splatter me relentlessly with berry and coconut milk when I impatiently tried to make a tasty treat for kids and cousins.
  • They wanted to turn up as various little “have to” do jobs which honestly were simple to fix and yet resented for their insistence that I do them.

Regardless, I may have kicked things (not kids) and growled and acted like a great big cry baby at least on the inside.

So I guess – if I am really really honest – I shouldn’t be surprised that I found a child crying because s/he still had jobs to do before screen time, another who was resentful for not being invited out when siblings were, and yet another hunkered down in a bedroom ignoring visitors who had come to play.

Did I challenge each of these children about their behaviour? Sure I did, but have I challenged myself? Perhaps I am – before you all – confessing that I had a bad attitude today.

Into each life some rain must fall … and I shall endeavor to be glad of it while preparing to face myself again tomorrow.