THEN:  August 2, 2006

Out goes the welcome mat into Queenheroical’s realm, no need for formalities, mine is relaxed and casual queendom, pardon the toys strewn about I am certain (cough, cough) one of my small heirs will be along to put those away. You will soon meet them all; Kingheroical is hard at work in his basement lair doing whatever it he does to bring home the fatted calf, or at least the pizza.

It is a crowded little domain and perhaps not the most prosperous but I call it home complete with its joys, heartaches, utter chaos, piles of laundry, stacks of books, etc. Please forgive me if I raise my voice once and a while, if I rant on without hearing you at times, offend your: politics, religion, or parenting sensibilities, or if I just stay quiet for periods of times, I am growing. I haven’t quite found all it takes to fit these shoes I find myself in, not sure I ever will but I am working on it.

Oh, ya, please make yourself at home. I am a lousy host, the cups are there on the self, there is water, juice, milk, pop in the fridge and I can make you tea or coffee if you ask, please ask I always forget to offer. The bathroom is by the front door. I think that about does it.

from – Testing, testing, one two three  My very first blog post …ever!

Again:  July 19, 2015

WHOA – 9 years is a long time -In that time this here realm has been relocated to the top of a hill, so watch yourself on the steep driveway.  I am now the purveyor of wider vistas – looking out over mountains, community, clouds and sky.  However much is the same, this is still a relaxed domain, we don’t stand on formalities, all are welcome, as our realm’s poet laureate said best:

Shel Silverstein: Where the Sidewalk Ends

There are a lot of big shoes lying around so just push those aside and come on upstairs.  Pardon the piles of books, paper, and such – this is a busy place of learning, doing, making, and serving.  If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask one of my big kids to help out – they are usually eager to assist.

Kingheroical may be in, but it is likely he is at his second story office loft  overseeing his business and employees along with his business partner and brother in law- a venture of joint realms.  Yes, much grows in 9 years, did I mention the big feet, tall children, grey hairs … yes, it is getting harder and harder to see over heads around here.  My tots are now tweens and teens – and we are most often building bridges and roads into new and exciting lands beyond our little castle.  (Sigh)

There is plenty of tea and coffee in the cupboard, cold water from the tap, and milk.  So come in and choose a mug from the shelf and join me on the deck for a chat.  We have years to talk about and “flax-golden tales to spin.”  Come in.  Come in.